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Aimbot is a type of software used in computer games that automatically aims at opponents or the player’s target, ensuring precise shots without the need to manually direct the sight. Some of the features associated with aimbot include:

  • Smoothing: This is a parameter that controls the smoothness of the crosshair movement. The higher the smoothing value, the smoother and less stiff the sight movements. This allows for a more natural aimbot behavior that is not too suspicious to other players or anti-cheat systems.
  • FOV (Field of View): This is a parameter that determines the viewing angle at which the aimbot reacts to opponents. It is usually set to a specific degree value at which the aimbot will operate. The larger the FOV area, the more enemies can be detected and tracked by the aimbot.
  • Target Selection: Allows the aimbot to select priority targets, such as the closest enemy, the enemy with the least amount of health, or the one that poses the greatest threat to the player.
  • Prediction: This feature allows the aimbot to predict opponents’ movement and target where the player is most likely to be in the future.

Wallhack or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is a type of software used in games that allows you to see opponents and other objects through walls or other obstacles. It offers a variety of features such as:

  • Box ESP: This feature draws a square box around your opponent’s characters, making them easier to locate even when they are invisible on screen. This is a way of presenting information about objects through walls, which helps in identifying and tracking opponents.
  • Skeleton ESP: Displays a visualization of a character’s skeleton through walls, allowing you to see their position and orientation. This is a graphical representation of the character’s structure, which makes it easier to track opponents’ movements.
  • Chams: This is a feature that changes the color of your opponent’s characters to make them more visible. It often allows characters to change to red or another bold color to make them easier to spot, even through walls.

Miscellaneous (Misc) is a section in game cheats that includes various functions not directly related to aimbot or wallhack. Here are descriptions of some of these features:

  • No-Recoil: A feature that eliminates weapon recoil, making shots more precise and accurate, even during long series of shots. This allows you to maintain aiming stability, which ultimately gives you an advantage in clashes with opponents.
  • Spinbot: This is a feature that continuously rotates the character around its axis. This looks like an uncontrolled rotation of the character, which is intended to make it more difficult for opponents to hit him. This is often used to disrupt other players’ aiming.
  • Flyhack: A feature that allows a character to fly through in-game space. It allows you to move freely in the air, jump over obstacles or avoid situations that are usually not available in the normal game mode.
  • Speedhack: This is a feature that increases your character’s speed, allowing you to move around the map faster than normal. It provides a tactical advantage, allowing the player to reach the goal faster or escape from opponents.
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